The 13th edition of the International Children´s and Youth Radio Drama Festival PRIX EX AEQUO responds to the current global situation around COVID-19 by its new form of organization. Temporarily leaving the premises of RTVS, Slovak Radio in Bratislava, the event goes online, with nominated jury members from participating broadcasting organizations submitting via e-mail their PRIX EX AEQUO proposals for the best radio play and exceptional execution, as instructed by RTVS in role of organizer.

Nevertheless, the 13th edition of PRIX EX AEQUO continues in its tradition of an established and renowned event, based on a positive approach of all participants towards a noble cause. The basic intentions of radio producers have also remained the same: they wish to offer to the young listener once again an experience appropriate for his mental state. Their ambition is to intermediate the power of art and awake his interest in the word of art, thus enabling him to experience a miracle - to come across a story, go through the catharsis and enjoy the art offered to him by means of a radio drama. Radio drama for children and youth remains an effective tool in this field and its authors and creators are well aware of the responsibility and trust they were given. The PRIX EX AEQUO Festival will always guarantee the artistic quality and moral legacy of these radio drama programmes and shall continue in mapping the situation concerning the variety of radio drama for children and youth, offering this genre in all its forms - exciting, appellative, entertaining, magic, playful as well as educative in an engaging way. It also continues in its aim of monitoring the trends and thinking of possible development scenarios. I am honoured that despite the uneasy and challenging situation worldwide, the participants of this year´s festival have shown us their favour and we will do our best to guarantee that the current edition of PRIX EX AEQUO receives well-deserved response in our cultural environment. Productions for children and youth are at the top of our priorities, not only because of the power of art and its moral legacy, but also because of its investment into our common future. As a kind of litmus paper, the radio drama for children and youth reflects the themes and issues of the children´s world. And the PRIX EX AEQUO Festival is a gallery, demonstrating the universality and variety of these artistic approaches as its core value.

Michal Dzurjanin, Director of Radio Programme Services, Radio and Television Slovakia

Prix Ex Aequo 2020 prizes:
PRIX EX AEQUO for the best radio play
PRIX EX AEQUO for the exceptional execution of a radio play

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Author: Martina Králová Matlovičová